Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Think I'm Gonna Like You!

Meet Hailey. Today was her first day at my daycare and all in all I think it went well. I usually prefer to watch children from infant on, and am a bit hesitant to take one on at this age. Hailey is almost a year old and will only be with me twice a week, so I wasn't quite so sure about this, but if every day goes like today, I think I'm really going to like her.

Just look at that adorable little face and those big blue eyes. She did cry a bit today, but that's understandable. Another couple days and I'm sure she's going to fit in just fine. And she already has so many cute little girlfriends.

I think a few more layouts for the Scr
apbook Store are in order!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye, Olivia!

People sometimes ask me how I can handle being with preschoolers all day long. They ask if I ever lose my patience listening to whining and crying all day.

Well, let me tell you, in my experience, most kids whine and cry 0 to 5% of the day. The other 95% is spent smiling, singing, dancing, giggling, learning and playing anything from peek-a-boo to hide and seek to memory games. I don't know many occupations where you get continuous hugs and kisses without asking, and an occasional "I Love You, Bethie" thrown in, even right after they've had a Time Out. I just love how unconditional children are.

My Olivia has been a perfect example of all the above.

Like most of the children I care for, Olivia has been with me since she was three months old. I've watched her grow from being a perfect little infant baby with her big brown eyes and eyelashes that touched her eyebrows, to an even more beautiful little girl. She's gone from a meek and quiet little thing to a spunky girly-girl with attitude and I love watching the growth! She's gone from singing "Google Heads" to "Don't you Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me" (that's her new one as of today).

The hardest part of my job is watching the kids leave me to go off to school. Even though I do keep in touch with the majority of my past daycare goers, the idea of not having those little bodies around me everyday breaks my heart. So, the 5% of crying and whining pales in comparison to what the worst part of my job is...saying goodbye.

My hopes for you, Olivia, is to always be true to yourself and keep your compassion and unselfishness towards others, along with all that liveliness and spunk!

I love you tons and you will be missed dearly, Baby Girl!
Here are some pictures I took of Olivia today. I told her I needed to take one picture and she decided she needed to do a complete photo shoot. So here are three of about the twenty I took. She's such a little "Poser".