Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is NOT my post!

I love looking at other blogs. It's such a great way to see what people are up to, especially when it's someone that I don't speak to regularly. I blog hop for many reasons. Sometimes it's for scrapbooking ideas, sometimes to catch up on what's going on in everyone Else's lives, and sometimes just to be inspired with others' gift of words and articulation. I try to review the blogs I follow at least once a week, time permitting, but there is one blog that I visit every day. This blog never disappoints (unless she doesn't have a new post when I check). I have told many people to visit this blog just because because of the gift of being able to feel something and write it down in a way that you actually feel what she is saying.

Recently, my friend, Katherine made a post that I can totally relate to and when I read it, I thought she was reading my mind! I want to re-post her post (I hope she doesn't mind) just to give you an idea of what I mean. Also, because I love the post. If you want to see for yourself, check out her blog here. Thank you, Katherine for being such an inspiration to me!

Katherine's post;

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dying and Rising
Ever since I can remember I had a fear of death. Maybe it is not so much the fear of dying itself but the mystery of what happens after we die. In grade school I was taught by the nuns what to believe, but the lack of statistical evidence, and many unanswered questions made me dispute their predictions for the afterlife. Would I really have to live my worst moments over and over (at the time that was endless hours of practicing the piano) until my sins were repented in purgatory? Would I really be united with my loved ones and be able to enjoy Grandma's cookies again? A wonderful concept, but non of it biblical.

I bring this up today at the start of Holy Week. The week that we celebrate the dying and rising of a man, who was God. A concept, that if it appeared in print today, would seem like a scam, a tabloid. But something we as Christians fully believe and accept as truth.

Curious that today the MSN homepage has an article on the same topic. Pictures that people drew of their near death experiences, scientific concepts to help support the idea of heaven, and new book on the topic of our fascination with the afterlife. Interesting that in this world of political correctness and materialism, 81% of Americans believe in the concept of heaven, up from 72% ten years ago. But what that belief actually is, seems to be all over the board.
I sometimes wish that Jesus, during one of his teachings, would have laid out the description of what heaven would be like in more detail. I use to worry and struggle with giving my children the answers they sought about what happens when we die. I didn't want to mislead them to believe a concept that may not be true. And I have to admit that after all the thought I have given the topic I am probably more confused now than I was as a child. But what I have concluded is that we are not meant to know. And although I am still curious about the topic, and am sure to read that new book, I am content in exploring, but not knowing. I think possibly heaven was never described for us because it is so indescribable.

So today what I need to believe in is that unbelievable sacrifice 2000 years ago. And to celebrate my faith during this holiest of weeks.

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