Monday, July 26, 2010

New Bella Layouts!

This is a super late post, but as promised, here are the first two layouts I did using the new Bella Blvd lines. The first is made using Sunny Happy Skies. I'm loving the bright colors in this line. I created a couple other fun things that I will be showing the end of the week using the same line! These are four of my goofy daycare kids hammin' it up! That's Nicholas, Logan, Abby and Alexis having a good ole' time sunbathing.I love this next line. In fact, I've never seen a school collection that I've liked so much. I'm especially excited about this paper because I got to see this paper during the printing process. Get a load of all that paper (sorry about the picture quality, it was taken with my phone)!! I was absolutely amazed at the presses and the entire process. I even got a few freebies...thanks, Stephanie! The layout I made using the new Midterm paper line is of my future son-in law, Jose (that sounds so weird). This paper is perfect for grade school and right up through college. Don't forget to stop on by tomorrow for more layouts.

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sherRae said...

Love what you did with the new lines!
You're so talented!