Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hello Again!!

I was recently told that my blog was "boring" because I've been AWOL lately. That is from the blogging world anyway! I've been super-busy with a few projects which has allowed little to no blogging time. One project I can't officially mention yet. I've never been a superstitious person before, but for some reason, I feel the need to wait a bit longer before mentioning it. Some of you that know me, know what I am referring to, and I'm really hoping to announce the big news this week sometime.

The other little project keeping me extremely busy lately has to do with my daycare. Kids come into the daycare and before you know it four or five years pass by and they are off to school. This is a little sad for me, to think that all their little friendships they have made can come to an end after spending more waking hours with each other even over their parents in most cases. So...way back when, I decided to get these cuties back together with their friends at least once a year during our "Backyard Campouts".
Each year the groups that grew up together (usually 6 or 7 in a group), get together at my home and we have tons of games, always different, with a few traditional things thrown in such as water balloon fights, silly string fights, and scavenger hunts. The kids really enjoy this, and I have to say, I love listening to them all reminisce about the past years they've spent together.

I leave it up to the oldest in each group to end the campouts, which go well into their high school years. This year I have one coming to an end and I have to say, it is very bitter-sweet. I know we'll keep in touch in other ways, but the campouts are such a huge part of keeping in touch. This particular group happens to be the only group that is all boys. That's right, 6 guys and 2 girls in one tent (Me and Carole), eating beef jerky and telling spooky stories (my personal favorite is Brett's Bloody Fingers which he tells every year)! The tent has gotten smaller and smaller through the years and maybe even a little smellier as the years past, but I still love it!!!

Here's a picture of the little guys taken 10 years ago:
Here is Brett, Joe, Alec, Nicholas, Brandyn, and Ethan
And here are the big guys now at our "Survivor" campout this past weekend:

Jordan (he joined us about 6 years ago), Brett (he's about 6' and 230 lbs), Alec, Ethan, Joe and Brandyn

The end of an era...tear all you guys!!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

How cool, Beth. What a lot of time you put into everything you do. They're lucky to have you.

Sheila said...

Beth!!! These are so cute. I love that you do this with the boys. We were so blessed to have found you and to have such a great friend in our lives! When I'm feeling proud of Ethan, I often think about how you are such a big part of who he is. I know that he would not be the young man he is today without your influence. Thank you will never be enough. We love you!!!

Kat said...

pretty cool experience! i love the "then and now" pictures, much fun to look back on :)

Elizabeth said...

What an amazing, loving, second home you are for the kids! And how cool that they come back for your campout!!