Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!

As you can guess, I've been super-dee-dooper busy! So much has happened in my life the past few months and I've gotten so far behind in my blogging among other things.

As previously posted, my friend, Angie and I have purchased The Scrapbook Store in Greenfield, WI and things are going extremely well for us!!!! We just got back a couple weeks ago from the Craft and Hobby Trade Show in Los Angeles where we bought TONS of new and exciting product. It's been streaming in every day!

I have to admit, I'm a little partial to Bella Blvds. new lines! Below are a few layout I did for the company! Picture quality may not be the best - they are cel phone pics...

This is the new Sophisticates line. This line has been featured as one of CHA's top ten's!!!! How cool is that???

This new line is called Mr. Boy. I just love all the vibrant colors!

Tail Waggers and Cat Naps...even tho I don't have a cat or dog, I still love this line! This is the cutest pet line that's been out since forever! That's Alyssa's future sister-in-law's dog, Petey., Alyssa turned 21 this year on the 25th of January. I can't believe it. She had a couple celebrations, and it's safe to say, I think she is enjoying being the legal drinking age.

So, once the Green Bay Packers beat the Bears, we decided to take a trip to Green Bay to watch the game in "Title Town"! We stayed in a suite at The Tundra Inn, which was a couple blocks from Lambeau. We had an absolute blast!! After the Packers won, we high-tailed it over to Lambeau and celebrated along with the thousands of other people. It was quite and experience being right in there with the crowd. On Monday, we all went back to Lambeau to take a tour of the stadium and visit the Hall of Fame...Awesome!! Here's a few pics!

Alyssa before the game

Sue, during the game...she had quite a fan club, especially when she started the "Wave". Oh, how we love Sue!

We have a tradition while watching Packer games. Every touchdown, (or not), we need to have a shot of Bailey's. This was no exception. These are our special Packer Shot Glasses!

Carole...the number one fan!!
The Packers win the Superbowl!!!
Paul at's a little cold!

This was taken from one of the private suites. It's a pic of the fans shoveling out the stands. Did you know they have to turn down a minimum of 300 people a day that come to shovel??? On this day, they turned away over 1000...amazing fans!


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Welcome back!

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Cute lo's. Love the driving doggie.