Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching Up!!

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. I've been so busy so I thought I would make a random post to catch up on things. I've been really busy with the daycare. A couple weeks ago we had a illness spread throughout the daycare and resulted in a thorough cleaning and scrubbing of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! Then, just when I thought I had dodged any sickness, I contracted Bronchitis, which kicked my butt!!
We are all well now (knocking on wood as I type this), so things are pretty much back to normal.
We had our "Jungle Day" this past week since we've been learning about jungle animals and the rain forest. We turned the daycare into a jungle safari! The kids had a lot of fun playing jungle games, hunting for bugs in the dark (with their flashlights), making paper elephants, breaking open a tiger pinata, and eating a jungle lunch!

This is Coraline posing with Diego.

They each got a rescue pack filled with goodies that they needed throughout the day.

Nicholas getting ready to eat his curly worms (hot dogs cut lengthwise in fours), crock teeth (apples cut in triangles), dried ants (raisins), beetle wings (potato chips), and green juice.

Then, last Wednesday we had our annual Thanksgiving Feast, where everyone brings a dish to pass. They love to eat, and Carole and I love that they take a nice long nap every year after the feast!
OK...Isn't she just about the cutest little thing you ever did see? Little Brooke really dressed up for the occasion!

And these little yummies brought by little Samantha were a big hit!

Then, on Thursday we were off to our good friends, Bob and Carole's house for a huge Thanksgiving Feast of our own. They always make Thanksgiving so special and this year was no exception!
Bob cracks me up!!
The fam.

Every year, Joe digs into that drumstick!
And Matthew made a Thanksgiving word search. Alyssa won first place for finishing hers first, winning her a medal (made of paper) made by Matthew. I came in second.
Even though he doesn't look like it, Luke had a great time too. Isn't he a cutie?!?

Me and my BFF, Carole!

OK...I know this is getting long...and boring for some, so I will say goodbye for now and will not wait so long before I post again!


Stephanie said...

Love the Thanksgiving pictures! And that sweet!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

You are such a great daycare mom! What fun! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

I LOOK DRUNK! Or stoned. I'm not sure which.