Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm getting into some pretty creative things now in week three of my flashback Friday (My evolution of scrapbooking). Layering the mattes was pretty popular as you can see in the next layout.

I loved the rich colors in this layout and the sparkly stars really added to the page.

Here's some pop up pages I promised you. This is a few of many. These were a pain in the ass, but I just loved the surprise when the paged was turned. (pretty dorky huh)?

Oh, the punches. How I loved to create with punches. My sister and I even took a class on creating with punches. Had I known they would come back as they have, I wouldn't have given most of mine away.

I had to put this one in here because I thought the illustration of the heart die cut usage was great and hey...I made that wedding cake!

Remember those little guys in the bottom right corner? I had a ton of them. I loved to chalk them and add googly eyes.

What can I say about this? Stitches run-a-muck! I thought it was cool at the time!


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Katherine said...

I think you were an over achiever with those pop ups. I also took a class to make all sorts of little critters with punches. Beth you've inpired me. I got out my first grade school scrapbook but it isn't too scrappy. I'm joining in the flashback at my blog (Click on Insideout on the side bar or go to

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Oh my Beth. You know how much I love your pages from yesteryear. I would join in, but my more embarassing pages are only from like 3 years ago. I think that makes it worse.

Sheri said...

Love them bug eyed frogs!

Christy said...

I apologize Beth, I fell off the "flashback friday" train last week - it was a busy one.

I'll have to remember to post more of my oldies but goodies this week Friday.

What can I say..
Pop up pages - I never knew.
And were you really a Beanie Baby collector?